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4th of July Picnic Games

The 4th of July; the day of celebrating our nationís independence. Itís a historic occasion and one of the biggest holidays of the year, especially for picnicking. And why not? The weather is warm and youíve some extra time off from work. Itís the perfect chance to gather family and friends and enjoy a picnic.

4th Picnic Ideas for the Kids

A 4th of July picnic is a great way to show your patriotism and good opportunity for your children to make some fun and patriotic crafts.

A good way for the kids to celebrate the 4th is by making a few red, white and blue fans to decorate the picnic area with. Most or all of this stuff you probably already have around the house, if you have kids.

Materials Required:
Paper (normal size is ok but construction paper works better)
A Ruler
A Pencil
Red and Blue Markers
Drinking Straws
Paper Fasteners

Start by turning the paper sideways and then have the kids draw out a rectangle thatís about 8 inches wide and 3 inches high. Then have them draw in a few rows of stars (I usually donít ask them draw all 50 stars, just enough to make it look nice.) Afterward, have them fill in around the stars with the blue marker.

Now, divide the rest of the paper into stripes and color half of them red. Then fold the paper so that it resembles an accordion. To create a frame for the fan, use the pushpins to poke a hole through each straw about an inch from the bottom. Use a paper fastener to join the three straws together.

Finally, fan out the straw frame and fit the flag onto the frame. Use the tape to keep it in place. Place the fans wherever you like. I like to have the kids hang them from a tree. Itís very festive.

Another good 4th of July picnic idea are festive spinners. These are easy to make and will keep the kids busy for a while.

Materials Required:
Plastic Coffee Can Lids (or something similar)
A Magic Marker
A Pair of Scissors
Some String

Start by making a hole in the center of a coffee can lid with the scissors. (Donít make the hole too big.) Now, use the magic marker to draw a spiral that starts near the hole in the center and gradually works its way out to the rim. Cut along the spiral you just drew.

Finally, tie a knot at the end of a piece of string. Slip the other end of the string through the hole and pull until the knot is snuggly up against the plastic rim. Now you can simply hang the spinners from a tree branch. Wind them up by twirling the spinners around until the string is wound up tight and simply let it go.

Itís also a lot of fun to bring along paint or markers (red, white and blue) to paint the spinners with.

4th Picnic Games

All the usual summer Picnic Games are available to you here; balloon relay races, egg and spoon races, ring toss, tug of war, etc. Iím not aware of any picnic games that are specific to the 4th but please feel free to contact me if you know of any. Check out Picnic Games section or our article on Summer Picnic Games for more picnic game ideas.

4th Picnic Recipes

Check out special article on Fourth of July Picnic Recipes or our Summer Picnic Recipes article for some sure-fire 4th picnic recipe hits!

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