Picnic Recipes and Games

5th Grade Picnic Games

Fifth grade is a transitional time for children who are testing their independence yet still need adult supervision. Many children feel they are too grown up to play; but they are not ready for unsupervised activities. One way to allow preteens to spread their wings while under the watchful eye of adults is to have a picnic. Offer a wide variety of food and some creative games that will guarantee lots of fun in a safe and supervised environment.

One game that is a favorite of kids, ages 10 to 12, is called "Wrap The Mummy." To play, divide group into teams of 3 to 5 players each. Give each team 3 rolls of toilet paper and have each team designate one person to be the mummy. Announce, "Go!" Then, give teams a total of 5 minutes to wrap their "mummy" in toilet paper. The referee or leader of the group can award a prize to the team with the best mummy.

For some more fun, try the relay game of "Water Balloon Head." To play, divide the group into teams of two players. You will need enough water balloons for each team to have one. Before starting, mark a starting and finish line with cones or flags. The distance from start to finish should be at least 20 feet. Next, give team members their balloon and have them position it between the sides of their heads. When the referee shouts, "Go," teams will have to run or walk to the finish line while keeping their balloons between their heads. No one is allowed to use his or her hands. The first team to make it to the finish line without having their balloon pop is the winner.

One more game that incorporates food and play is called "Cookie Whistle." You will need one cookie (any variety) for each player. The group should be broken into teams of 5 players. For setup, place one plate of cookies on the picnic table for each team. Have teams line up 10 to 20 yards away from the picnic table. When the start whistle is blown, the first members of each team will run to the picnic table, eat a cookie, and then attempt to whistle. Players must remain at the picnic table until they successfully whistle. Once having whistled, players must run back to their team, and the next player begins. This continues until a team has successfully eaten all of their cookies and whistled. Don't forget to have some water on hand for thirsty players.

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