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Adult Competitive Picnic Games

While most everyone enjoys a little healthy competition, we frequently only have our children's soccer or softball games to demonstrate our desire to win. The next time you feel the need to challenge your friends or neighbors, organize a picnic for adults with a variety of fun and competitive games. You might just find this as much fun as sitting in the stands at your child's sporting event.

Depending on the number of guests at your picnic, you can coordinate a whole range of fun games. You will also need to consider the amount of space that you have and the terrain. If, for example, you have a large expanse of grass in a park, you may want to organize a game of croquet or lawn bowling. Both of these games require a minimum amount of inexpensive equipment that can be purchased at any sporting good store or online sporting good retailer. Because both of these games are not especially physically demanding, everyone can join in on the competition.

If the picnic is at a campground or on the beach, a round of horseshoes might be a more ideal game to play. A stake and horseshoes are the only necessary equipment, and they can be readily purchased at a variety of stores.

There are many variations of the game of horseshoes. However, the most commonly played game is quite simple. To begin, divide players into two teams, and give each team two horseshoes. Have each team flip a coin to determine who will start the game. Make sure that the stake is approximately 25 to 40 feet away from where players will pitch the horseshoes.

Now, the first player from each team will throw each horseshoe towards the stake. Then, the first player from the opposing team will also throw both horseshoes. To score, give 1 point for each horseshoe within 6 inches of the horseshoe, 2 points for a horseshoe touching the stake, and 3 points for any horseshoe that is encircling the stake.

After adding the scores, the next two players will throw their horseshoes from the opposite end of the "court." Add their scores to the first scores and have team members alternate pitching the horseshoes from one end of the "court" to the other. The first team to accumulate 40 points wins the game.

Remember, that games are not just for children. Some lighthearted competition between adults is not only healthy, it's downright fun. And, when you combine it with a picnic, it can be a great way to unwind from the daily grind of everyday life. So, go out and have some fun!

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