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Beach Picnic Ideas

A picnic by the beach is a wonderful idea for anyone who lives near an ocean or lake. It doesnít matter if you are planning a Romantic Picnic or a Family Picnic. The beach offers a lot of interesting activities that you might not find at a picnic in the park or a wooded area.

Ideas for a Romantic Picnic on the Beach

Romantic picnics are all about setting the right mood. The right mood for a romantic picnic is best set when nobody else is around. Or, at least nobody close by. For this reason, the number one consideration when it comes to planning a romantic picnic is the location. If itís possible try to find a secluded beach. This might not be as hard as it sounds. I find that the best time of day to have a romantic picnic is in the evening, lighting and temperatures are much nicer for setting the right mood and few people can deny the romantic nature of sitting together and watching the sun set.

Once you have decided on a location, itís time to think about food. Generally, romantic picnics are a light affair and not something you want to bring along a whole meal to. Certainly, something like some good cheese and crackers, maybe some fruit like grapes or strawberries, will be enough for most occasions. Wine is rarely a bad idea (unless you are planning on driving afterwards). Just remember, red wines are usually best served at room temperature and white wines should typically be chilled, be sure to plan accordingly.

Planned activities should usually be kept to a minimum. For a romantic picnic, you usually want each others company to be the big activity. On a romantic picnic, ideally the time will flow and whatever you end up doing should be a natural extension of what you are both in the mood for and not a planned event.

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Ideas for a Family Picnic on the Beach

Few things conjure up more memories from my childhood than our family picnics. When I sat down and started to write this article, it really struck me that so many of those memories were from a lakeside beach. With family beach picnics, location isnít really all that important (in most cases). You should consider whether the beach you are going to visit has picnic tables and/or bbq pits. Now-a-days, nearly all lakeside parks have nice beaches as well as picnic areas. Plan ahead though, because these may need to be booked in advance (especially if we are talking about covered picnic areas).

For me, family picnics on the beach usually meant a lot more than just my immediate family. In any case, you need to be prepared with plenty of food. The kids will be constantly craving something to keep their little bodies in motion all day. For this reason, I always recommend bringing along some snacks for them to munch on before and after the big meal. You donít really need a big meal but itís usually a good idea. Planning a family picnic opens up a lot of options to you that might otherwise seem like too much trouble to deal with, such as bringing along a cooler to keep drinks and foods cold. Obviously, this opens up the possibility of cooking as well. Hamburgers and hotdogs are pretty much a mainstay of the modern family picnic and you really canít go wrong with these. Try to stay away from foods that are very heavy and/or too sweet.

Activities for a family picnic on the beach are another area where you will be able to (and will want to) plan for. Swimming is always an option. Here are a few other ideas; volleyball, Frisbee, baseball, touch football, kite flying, etc. Really the skyís the limit and this list could go on for two more pages. The best advice I can give you is to find some activities that are best suited to *your* family and bring along whatever equipment you might need. In the end, family picnics on the beach (or anywhere else for that matter) have a way of making themselves into fun and memorial events.

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