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Big Foot Picnic Game

While there are countless games that can be played at a picnic, one of the most amusing to participate in and watch is a relay style race called "Big Foot."

To setup, you will need a large pair of rubber boots for each team, like fishing waders, that are big enough for players to slip on over their shoes. As well, you will need to have markers for a starting and a finish line. The distance from start to finish can be any length desired depending on the age and fitness level of the group. Divide players into teams of equal number and have each team place half of its players at the start line and the other half at the finish line.

To begin, the first members of each team are to put on the rubber boots. When the referee shouts, "Go," the players are to run to the finish line and take off the boots. The next players then are to put the boots on and run back to the start line. This continues until all players have crossed the playing field.

Don't forget to designate someone to take photos while the game is on. You'll end up with some great shots of everyone wading across the field in those silly boots!

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