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Christian Picnic Games for Kids

Many churches promote togetherness and family values by coordinating regular picnics for their members. These are great opportunities to mingle, eat, and have some fun. And, Christian themed picnic games are perfect for these events. Here are a couple of the most popular Christian picnic games.

"Bible Relay" is a great way to incorporate what the kids have learned in Sunday school with a fun race. To set up, you will need to have cones or flags to designate a start and finish line. You will also need a set of flash cards for each team. Divide the kids into teams with an equal amount of players. Next, designate one judge for each team (preferably an adult) who will stand at the finish line holding the flash cards. Have at least two flash cards per player. The flashcards should have a question related to the Bible on one side and the answer on the other. To begin, teams will line up at the starting line, and the first players will run to the finish. There, each judge will hold up a flash card question. If a player answers correctly, the next player can begin. If a player doesn't answer correctly, he or she has to return to the starting line, and the next player will have to try to answer the question. If no one on a team can answer the question, the team can opt to pass on the question, but they will need to answer another question to continue. The first team to have the entire team run to the finish and answer correctly a question wins the game.

A game that is a nod to biblical era transportation is called "Chariot Tag." To play, have the group divide into groups of three. Two of the team members will link arms and be the "horses." The other will be the driver that stands behind the "horses" and holds onto their belts. The "driver" will have a brightly colored flag or piece of cloth tucked loosely into the back of his or her pants that can easily be pulled. When a whistle is blown, the teams can begin to move. The goal is for the horses to try to grab the flags from other teams. Only horses, not drivers can take the flags, and once a team has lost their flag, they are out of the game. The last team with their flag wins the game.

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