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Church Picnic Games

The church picnic is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in a congregation's schedule of activities. They are usually well planned with lots of activities and great food. Part of the planning is certainly to provide a number of fun games for the kids. Traditional picnic games can be easily be altered with a religious slant to better suit the event, and don't forget to have great prizes for the winners.

Instead of a traditional race, consider a "Bible Relay." To coordinate, divide the kids into teams, and mark a start and finish line with brightly colored markers. Give each team a bible and have them line up at the starting line. To begin, have the first players stand at the starting line holding their bible. When "Go" is shouted, the players are to run to the finish line and back. Then, they need to hand off their bible to the next player and so on. The first team to finish wins the race. A twist on the "Bible Relay" is to have players turn to a particular passage in the bible before they can hand off to the bible. Judges can verify the passage and give the go ahead for players to pass the bible.

Bible Charades is another fun way for the kids to show off what they have learned in Sunday school. To play, place the names of well-known biblical characters in a hat. Have players pick names, but not show anyone else what they have selected. Let the first player stand in front of the group and act out the particular biblical role without speaking. The other players are to try and guess who he or she is. The person who guesses correctly is the next one in the spotlight.

Other games to consider adapting for a church picnic are trivia contests and tag games. The kids love to play any game, and with the religious slant, you can easily incorporate what they are learning in church into the fun.

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