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Church Picnic Ideas

Church picnics are a time for enjoying friends, family, and the great outdoors. Usually, church picnics involve a number of games for the kids, but there are many other activities that are equally as fun. Here are a few creative ideas for your next church picnic.

One of the best ways to truly appreciate all of God's creations is to take a nature hike. This is an activity that both kids and adults will enjoy. Many national, state, and local parks offer picnic facilities and docents who can provide information on the flora and fauna of the particular region. With advanced planning, it is usually possible to have an expert lead a walk or hike. Consider compiling small field guides to help church members identify interesting birds, animals, and plants.

Another informative and interesting activity is to visit a historical location. There are many choices that can incorporate a religious theme. Places like Spanish missions, historic churches, or archaeological sites are perfect for small or large groups. Make sure to call ahead and find out about tours and expert guides who can give you real insight into the location.

Arts and craft projects are also a wonderful alternative to more traditional picnic games. The kids will enjoy crafting clay pots that they can paint themselves. Or, let them tie dye t-shirts or design pictures to hang in the Sunday school classroom. The possibilities are endless.

To incorporate charity into a church picnic, have members bring all of their unwanted canned or boxed food to the picnic and have everyone set it on a picnic table. Then, let the kids compile food baskets for the needy. This is a wonderful way to instill the value of giving while having fun.

So, be creative and consider straying from the usual games at your next company picnic. You might be surprised at how much fun everyone has.

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