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Company Picnic Activity Ideas

It can be challenging to coordinate activities for company picnics that everyone can or want to participate in. Some employees might be young and fit, and others may be close to retirement and not too keen on running a relay race. Rather than a contest of physical prowess, a game of mental fortitude can be just as much fun and more suitable for everyone at an office.

A game of trivia that can be played in teams is fun for everyone, and with the chance of being crowned the office trivia queen or king, most employees will want to participate. To play, divide employees into equal groups. Trivia questions should be about a variety of topics. Make sure that the questions don't favor one age group or gender, and don't forget some general questions about the company itself. To start the game, the referee will ask all teams a trivia question. Each team will work together quietly to determine the answer and will write it on a sheet of paper. The teams are not to share their answer with any other team. The referee will then ask each team to show their answer. Teams that have the right answer will go on to the next question. Teams that have the wrong answer will be disqualified. Generally, it's a good idea to start with simple questions and slowly increase the difficulty. When there is only one team remaining, have each player of that team answer trivia questions by themselves. The winner is the individual who correctly answers every question.

There are many variations of this trivia game. If a projection screen is available, the game can be played like the game shows "Jeopardy" or "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." Questions can be modified for any group, and don't forget prizes for the winners. Trivia games are ideal for office picnics as they increase team spirit and promote communication. So, why not try a round of trivia for your next company picnic? It will most certainly be a crowd pleaser and just may become an annual picnic tradition.

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