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Company Picnic Planning Is Difficult!
Here Are A Few Company Picnic Game Ideas.

Company picnic game ideas can be quite difficult if you do not wish to hire a catering company to do everything. Company picnic games are a little more complicated than child picnic games.

Probably the most popular company picnic game ideas are baseball and softball but you need a wide open area. Volleyball and badminton require a lot less space and can be a refreshing change from baseball as a company picnic game idea. Croquet is also an excellent company picnic game idea, games are pretty quick, but only six people can play at one time.

If you want to stay away from sports then, hiring a performer might be better than a company picnic game. Local comedians and magicians come relatively cheap and are usually negotiable in price.

Perhaps the best company picnic idea is to simply rent out a location. Golf courses and miniature golf establishments often offer special deals to companies.

When choosing a company picnic idea, money is a key factor but you must also consider what kind of people you have in your company. Factory workers tend to like sports as company picnic games but office workers tend to lean more towards comedians and magicians as company picnic ideas.

Company Picnic Game Ideas Submitted by Users

Cathy Evans writes, "This is a fun company picnic idea for those who like light-hearted competition. You start with a bunch of snacks or small prizes placed in the center of a table. You will also need a pair of dice and an egg timer. One person sets the egg timer to somewhere between 10-20 minutes. Then, each person takes turns rolling the dice. If they get a pair (like 3-3 or 5-5), they get to take a prize from the pot in the middle and roll again (maximum of 3 pairs in a row). Otherwise, they must pass the dice on the next person. When there are no prizes left in the middle, you get to take prizes from someone else (whomever you choose). Keep playing until the egg timer rings then enjoy the spoils. I think this is a wonderful company picnic idea."

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