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Perhaps the hardest part of planning a company picnic is deciding on what games to play and activities to do. This is especially important if there are going to kids at your company picnic because the little ones need something more than good conversation to keep them busy. Even if there your company picnic is for adults only, a few great company picnic ideas can really go a long way towards making it a huge success.

Here at Picnic Recipes and Games, our main focus is on helping everyone to have a great picnic and we strive to be the web's foremost authority on picnics and all picnic related topics. This passion for picnics includes helping you plan a great company picnic.

In this section of our web site you can find lots of great company picnic ideas.

Company Picnic Activity Ideas
Take the challenge out of planning activities for company picnics that everyone can participate in.

Company Picnic Games
Have a few laughs with these great company picnic games.

More Games For Company Picnics
By popular demand, here are some more great games for company picnics.

Kids Games for Company Picnics
Ok so maybe the adults don't need to be entertained at the company picnic but the kids sure do!

Office Picnic Games
Planning a company picnic for office workers needs a slightly different approach than say for a bunch of rowdy factory workers.

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