Picnic Recipes and Games

Foods to Take on a Picnic

It's all about portability and simplicity with picnic foods. Leave saucy, hard to prepare, or fussy recipes for when you have time to cook at home. Think easy, fresh, colorful, and fun for picnic fare. Let your imagination run wild, and remember that you are not simply limited to burgers, chips, and a store-bought pie. Your fellow picnickers will appreciate your creativity when you present an unexpected outdoor feast.

There is no shortage of great snack ideas that are easy to pack and nibble on including:

Tortilla or pita chips with fresh salsa
Crackers and peanut butter
Raw vegetables and dip
Slices of fresh fruit

While everyone has enjoyed a hot dog at a picnic, there is a wide variety of other main dish ideas worth trying:

Fried chicken
Tortilla wraps filled with hummus, turkey, and sprouts
Grilled chicken or shrimp skewers
Vegetable spring rolls
Pasta salad

Finally, what picnic would be complete without something sweet to end the meal? Here are a few dessert options that work well outdoors:

Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Individual fruit turnovers (instead of a messy pie)
Chocolate covered fruit (banana slices, strawberries)

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