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Free Picnic Games For Adults

While just getting outdoors for some fresh air and a picnic lunch is healthy and enjoyable, you can create a memorable event by planning a couple of fun games to play with your guests. There is no reason to spend lots of money on picnic games, as some of the most fun activities simply involve using your creativity.

One of the easiest games to coordinate is charades. The first step is to choose a theme for the game, and you should take into consideration your guests' interests. Movies are a great theme for film buffs. Other ideas include Hollywood celebrities, animals, historical figures and even biblical characters for those who are religious. Once the theme has been determined, have each guest write down on a small piece of paper the name of a person or thing that relates to the theme. Collect all of the names and place them in a hat or bowl. Shuffle the names, and have each guest select what they will be required to act out. Have a volunteer for the first participant, and then the person who guesses correctly is the next participant.

Another way to have some competitive fun and demonstrate your youthful flexibility is to have a limbo contest. With a yardstick and some upbeat music, particularly something with a Latin beat, it's easy to get the game going. To begin, designate one or two people to be in charge of holding the limbo stick. Next, start the music and each participant is to walk under the stick. Make sure to start with the stick high enough that everyone can clear it easily. Once everyone has passed under the stick, the stick holders need to lower it by a couple of inches. With the stick lower, participants must bend backwards to clear it, and they are not allowed to squat or stoop. Anyone who cannot clear the stick is eliminated from the game. As the stick is lowered, only the most flexible players will remain. The winner is the last remaining person to pass under the stick.

While both charades and a limbo contest are old fashion activities, they are still as fun as ever, and they are perfect for a picnic. As well, there is no need to buy special equipment. So, why not go ahead and have some fun with your friends. You might just want to make a picnic a regular weekend activity.

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