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Fun Ideas for a Church Picnic

Church picnics are almost-always fun and that's because they are usually so well planned. The problem is that someone has to come up with fun ideas for a church picnic. That's what this section is all about. We have written several articles in order to share with you some of our fun ideas for a church picnic.

Here at Picnic Recipes and Games, our main focus is on helping everyone to have better picnics and we strive to be the web's foremost authority on picnics and all picnic related topics. This passion for picnics includes church picnics as well and we try to make it easier for you to plan a perfect church picnic with the help of some of our fun ideas for church picnics.

Follow to the links below to get some fun ideas for church picnics.

Christian Picnic Games for Kids
Some bible insprired pincic games that entertain and teach at the same time.

Church Picnic Cake Recipes
Cakes and church picnics go together like Noah and the Ark.

Church Picnic Ideas
Here's a few ideas that a little more adult in nature.

More Church Picnic Games
As requested by a user, here even more church picnic game ideas.

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