Picnic Recipes and Games

Activities For Adult-Only Picnics

Who ever said that picnics were only for kids? Adults-only picnics are a great way to reconnect with your friends and enjoy a refreshing outdoor meal. As well, a picnic is a wonderful opportunity to rekindle your competitive nature by playing some good old fashion games.

One picnic game that is perfect for all of the golf lovers is a round of Frisbee golf. To play, you will need four white or brightly colored beach towels, enough Frisbees so that each person has one, and a paper and pencil to keep score. Place the towels far enough away that there is plenty of room to throw the Frisbee towards them. The rules are similar to standard golf. Each player will "tee off" by throwing the Frisbee with the goal of landing it on the first towel. After each player has thrown once, continue to throw the Frisbee until it lands on the towel. The number of throws is the score for that "hole." Once every player has landed his or her Frisbee on the towel, continue on to the next "hole." You can add additional "holes" by moving the towels, and the game can be played with any number of participants. The winner is the player with the lowest number of throws.

Another activity that is loads of fun and ideal for all of the wanna-be actors and actresses is a game of "Guess the Animal." Played like charades, the animal theme is ideal for the outdoors. Each player writes down the name of an animal on a small piece of paper and places it in a hat or bowl. Shuffle the pieces of paper, and let each player select one animal to act out. The players are not to share with anyone beforehand what animal they have chosen. Each player will take a turn pretending to be the animal that he or she has chosen, and they are forbidden to speak during their performance. However, they can nod or shake their head as the other players try to guess the animal. The player who guesses the animal first is the next one to present their animal to the group.

Picnics are not just for children, and sometimes an afternoon with grownups in a park or on a beach can be a memorable way to reenergize the spirit and have a few laughs. And, with a little creativity, picnic games can add to the fun, and they are always a surefire way to briefly put aside all of our adult responsibilities.

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