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Summer Picnic Games

When the days are long and the temperatures hot, a summer picnic is a welcome relief for kids and adults alike. With a stocked picnic basket, some cold drinks, and a couple of games, you'll be set for a day of fun. Here are a few game ideas that are sure to cool everyone down when the temperature is rising.

One game that is perfect for groups of at least 10 is called "Wet Pajama Relay." To setup, you will need to mark a start and a finish line with cones or flags. You will need to have two large pairs of men's pajamas and two buckets full of water. To play, divide the group into two teams, and have players line up single file at the starting line. When the referee shouts, "Go," the first two players need to dunk their pajamas into the bucket until they are wet and then put them on. They then need to run to the finish line and back to the start, take off the pajamas, and place them back into the bucket of water. At that point, the next players will grab the wet pajamas, put them on, and repeat the run. The first team, to have all of their players run in the wet pajamas, wins the game.

What summer picnic would be without a water balloon game? But, instead of filling traditional balloons, consider filling ziplock sandwich bags with water. They are reusable and can be handled by those who have latex allergies. A water balloon game that can be played by small or large groups is "Hula-Hoop Toss." You will need one hula-hoop, a cone to be used as a marker, and several ziplock bags or balloons filled with water. Make sure to have more water on hand in case a bag breaks. To setup, designate one person, who doesn't mind getting wet, to hold the hula-hoop target. Have this person hold the hula- hoop vertically. Place the cone close enough to the target so that most players can throw their balloon through the hoop. To play, have players line up single file behind the cone, and have the first person throw their balloon. If the person succeeds, he or she continues to the next round. If the balloon misses the target, the player is out of the game. Once all players have thrown from the same position, have only the successful throwers continue to round two. Move the cone further from the target. Continue moving the cone further from the target with each round, and the game ends when there is only one player remaining.

So, instead of just sitting inside and cranking up that air conditioner, consider a picnic on the next hot summer's day. You might find that a day outdoors can be just as refreshing and a lot more fun!

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