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How to Pack a Picnic Basket

Have you ever carefully packed a picnic lunch, arrived at your destination, and unloaded the meal to find something has leaked, spilled, or been crushed to the point of inedibility? It's a common picnic complaint, but it doesn't have to happen again. Proper packing techniques can keep your food fresh, drinks contained, and your picnic on track. Here are a few tips to consider the next time you pack up for an outdoor meal.

Place drinks, salads, meats, cheeses, sandwiches, and other perishables in an ice chest full of ice. Keep the ice chest out of direct sun, if possible.

Keep some ice cubes for drinks in a separate gallon-size plastic bag in the ice chest.

To have cold drinks for the entire picnic, freeze them in sports bottles overnight. They will thaw and be cold and ready to drink as the day progresses.

Remember to place heavier, sturdier food on the bottom of the ice chest or basket and fragile food at the top. Extra care should be taken with foods that are easily smashed like sandwiches, fruits, and pies. Try placing these items in plastic, sealable sturdy containers.

Make sure drinks are well-sealed before you place them in a basket or chest. Leaks can happen easier than you can think and can ruin a picnic meal quickly.

Instead of taking full bottles of condiments like mustard, ketchup, and mayo, bring along the small packages found in sandwich shops or fast-food restaurants.

Place non-edibles needed for the picnic like bug spray, sunscreen, and soap in a clear plastic, sealable bag away from food.

Don't forget extra plastic wrap, storage bags, and aluminum foil for leftover food. Keeping everything covered and chilled will keep away insects and protect your food. Of course, make sure to throw away garbage in bins provided or in garbage bags that you can take with you when you leave.

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