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Kids Games for a Company Picnic

Most companies have an annual picnic to reward their employees. Often times, spouses and children are invited to join in the fun, and the picnic activities are generally geared to the younger crowd. Although, many larger companies hold their family picnics in amusement or water slide parks, these settings are often not conducive to families socializing or employees enjoying the day together. Rather, a park setting where there is a large expanse of grass for play and competition is often times more fun and a lot less expensive. The simple, old fashion games that have been played for years are just as fun as ever and ideal for building camaraderie and friendship.

Relay races are well suited for picnics. One relay race that is great for children and adult participation is a suitcase relay that involves participants dressing and undressing in clothes from a suitcase. It is sure to provide lots of laughter. To play, collect two sets of clothes including; a jacket, pants, hat, and large adult-size shoes. Place each set of clothes in a separate suitcase, and have participants divide up into two groups. Have each group divide into two sub groups that are facing each other about 50 feet apart. Give the suitcases to the sub groups on one side. When the race begins, the first team members need to open the suitcase and dress themselves in all of the clothes. They then need to close the suitcase and carry it to their subgroup facing them. The player then needs to undress and place the clothing back in the suitcase. At that point, the next player needs to open the suitcase, dress, and run back to the other side holding the suitcase. This will be repeated until each player has completed the task. The winning team is the first to cross the finish line with every player having dressed and undressed.

Another race idea that is a tremendous amount of fun for all ages is a water relay. To play, you'll need a bucket of water, a large sponge, and a plastic milk carton for each team. The object of the game is to soak the sponge with water from the bucket, run with the sponge over to the milk carton, and squeeze the water into carton. The winning team is the first to fill the milk carton with water. For a visual effect, add food coloring to the water, and to make the contest more difficult use a turkey baster instead of a sponge. This is a very easy game but always a crowd pleaser.

When planning games for a company picnic, allow approximately 15 minutes per game. The games portion of a picnic should never last more than an hour and is generally held shortly after the meal. Don't forget trophies, certificates, or prizes for the winners.

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