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Kids Games for Picnics

In this era of video games, computers, and just too much television, a picnic is a welcome change for the majority of children. However, you'll need to provide more than just a stocked picnic basket to keep the kids entertained. Games are in order, and with a little creativity, you can plan an afternoon of activities that are sure to please everyone. So, turn off the TV and head to your local park for some much needed fun outside.

A true crowd pleaser is called "Blind Shooter." The only equipment that you need to play are four cones or flags and a water gun. To start, place the cones or flags in four corners so that you have a well-defined space for the group to run around. Next, designate one person the blind shooter and the others are to stand within the marked space. The game begins by blindfolding the shooter and spinning him or her around 5 times. Then, place the shooter in the middle of the square and announce, "Begin shooting." The shooter will begin shooting the water gun, and whoever gets hit is out of the game. The players can move around as much as they like within the circle, but they can't touch the shooter. The last player to not get shot wins the game.

Egg Roll is another game that is easy to set up and loads of fun to play. With several cones or other markers, designate a start and finish line. Next, give each player one egg, preferably hardboiled, and have the group divide into two teams. Have teams line up at the starting line, and the first two players are to place their eggs on the ground. At "Ready, set, go," players are to roll their eggs, using their feet only, to the finish line. Players can use bare feet if preferred. When the first player crosses the line, the next player begins. The game ends when one team has all of their players successfully cross the finish line.

There are literally hundreds of picnic games to try. Why not make a fun day outside a regular weekend activity? You and your kids will not only benefit from the exercise and fresh air, but it's a perfect way to spend time with friends and family. So, get out there and have some fun!

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