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Kids Picnic Games, Activities and Ideas

Kids love picnics. Not only do they get to be outside and enjoy nature but they also get to play some fun picnic games. Deciding to take your kids on a picnic is a no-brainer but coming up with some great picnic games, activities and ideas for kids can be difficult. We are help to you though some easy and fun picnic ideas for kids.

Here at Picnic Recipes and Games, our main focus is on helping everyone to have great picnics and we strive to be the web's foremost authority on picnics and all picnic related topics. This passion for picnics includes kids picnics as well and planning the perfect picnic for your children is made just a little a bit easier with the help of some of our kids picnic games, activities and ideas.

5th Grade Picnic Games
By request from a visitor, here is an article with pincic games for 5th graders.

Big Foot Picnic Game
This a great picnic game for kids of all ages.

Children's Picnic Games
Got a lot of kids coming to your picnic? Then get some great game ideas here.

Picnic Relay Game Ideas
What's a picnic without relay games? Check these game ideas out and try something a bit different this time.

More Kids Games for Picnics
By popular demand, here are some more kids games for picnics.

Outdoor Picnic Games For Children
The weather doesn't necessarily always allow for all picnics to be outdoors but when it is, try some of these games.

Picnic Games For Kids Under 10
These picnic games were made for small children. Watch the little ones play while you kick back and enjoy the moment.

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