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Kubb (pronounced like "cub")

A Brief History Of Kubb

What is Kubb? Kubb is an amazingly fun game of skill and luck played with 2-12 players divided between two teams. Mainly seen as a backyard game, Kubb can also be played on gravel, sand, snow, cement or virtually any other flat surface. The word "Kubb" actually means wooden block. And so it is, Kubb is played entirely with wooden pieces.

Kubb is a popular game in Europe and especially in Sweden. It's origins are somewhat disputed in that many people believe it to be a game of French origin but there is also a great deal of evidence suggesting it was played by Vikings more than a thousand years ago. On the island of Gotland, off the coast of Sweden, Kubb has been played by generation after generation for centuries.

One of the reasons Kubb has survived for so incredibly long is because of it's simply yet challenging design. Kubb is simple enough for children to play and challenging enough for adults to master. The rules can be learned in matter of minutes and they are open to a lot of variations depending on the age and skill of the participants.

It is possible to find Kubb sets outside of Europe but, if you have some basic wood cutting skills, then you should take a look at our Make Your Own Kubb Set page. It is very cheap to make and will give you a unique game to play at your next picnic or BBQ.

If you have a Kubb set or simply want to learn how to play then you should visit our Kubb Rules page. There you will find a diagram showing how the game is setup and the basic rules by which it is played.

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