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Neighborhood Picnic Ideas

In this age of hustle and bustle, sometimes it's easy to forget that we live in communities and neighborhoods. There are many reasons why it's important to be friendly with your neighbors. From keeping an eye on your home when you are away to providing assistance when someone is ill, good neighbors can be extremely beneficial. One way to foster communication between neighbors is to coordinate a neighborhood block party or picnic.

An easy-going, outdoors meal with a few activities that promote communication can be not only informative but also fun. In fact, neighborhoods that have one such get-together often find that they want to make the event a regular activity. Because many of the guests will not know each other very well, if at all, it's important to have everyone wear nametags. As well, provide a handout with names and contact information for each neighbor.

The game of "Getting To Know You" is a great way for neighbors to learn about each other. The game starts with everyone standing, and this can be played while guests are eating at picnic tables. One person must be chosen as the leader of the game. The leader will pose questions to the neighbors. For example, one question could be "Have you ever traveled abroad?" The leader will then ask everyone who has not traveled abroad to sit down. Then the leader will ask everyone who has been to only one other country to please sit down. Continue increasing the number of countries until you are left with the person who has traveled to the most countries left standing. Give a small prize to this person.

Other interesting questions that will promote conversation between the neighbors are:

How long have you lived in the neighborhood? (Give a prize to the person who has lived in the neighborhood the longest.)

How many siblings do you have? (Give a prize to the person with the most siblings.)

How many different states have you lived in? (Give a prize to the person who has lived in the most states.)

Neighborhood picnics are not just lots of fun; they also help build safer, friendlier communities. As well, by promoting the opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other, friends are created and memories are made.

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