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Outdoor Picnic Games For Children

When the weather is nice, kids naturally want to head outside. A picnic in the park is the perfect opportunity for family and friends to enjoy the great outdoors and unwind. But, you'll need more than a picnic basket to keep the little ones entertained. They'll want games to play, too. So, the next time you head out for some fun in the park, try these easy to play activities that are perfect for kids of all ages.

A hilarious picnic game to play that is perfect for medium to large size groups is called "Blind Shoe Shuffle." The game begins with players standing in a circle. Each player is instructed to take off his or her shoes and throw them in the middle of the circle. Next, players are blindfolded, and the referee jumbles the heap of shoes into a large and disorganized pile. When the referee says, "Go," the players must begin to locate their shoes in the pile by using only their senses of touch and smell. The first player to locate their own shoes and place them on his or her feet wins the game.

For an entertaining game that adults and children will both enjoy, try "Undisclosed Treasure." This game requires a little advanced planning, but it's well worth it. Before the picnic, place an amount of money or a gift certificate in a plastic container with a lid. Next, wrap up the container in newspaper and Scotch tape. Then, begin wrapping the container in layers of various types of heavy-duty tape. Use electrical, masking, or any other type of tape until you have created a good size ball of tape that cannot be easily unraveled. The game starts with all of the players in a circle, and the first player rolling dice. If the player rolls doubles, he or she sits in the center of the circle and begins to peel away the layers of the ball of tape with the intention of getting to the "undisclosed treasure." This person will continue to work on the ball of tape until the next player rolls doubles. Each time a player rolls doubles, they will have the opportunity to unwrap the "undisclosed treasure." The person who unwraps the container gets to keep the treasure.

Both of these games are simple in nature but a tremendous amount of fun. So, get out there and enjoy the outdoors! Just remember to apply sunscreen and wear a hat while enjoying a picnic. When you are having this much fun, it's easy to lose track of time and get too much sun.

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