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Picnic Games For Couples

A leisurely picnic lunch is the perfect way to rekindle the romance with your loved one. Of course, you can add some fun and excitement to this outdoors meal by planning a couple of easy, yet romantic games that are sure to bring the two of you closer together.

"Lovers' Frisbee" is a game to share your romantic feelings with your partner. To play, stand far enough apart to throw the Frisbee, but close enough that you can hear each other speak. The person who is throwing the Frisbee needs to say something thoughtful, romantic, or sexy to their loved one. And, the other person reciprocates when he or she throws the Frisbee back. See how many times you can throw the Frisbee back and forth while you say wonderful things about each other. "Lovers' Frisbee" is certainly an uplifting way to express your love and enjoy some physical activity.

Another romantic activity for two is called "Guess the Sweet." This requires a little advanced planning and some trust on the part of your partner, but it is not only romantic, it is delicious. For this game, you will need to buy an assortment of different candies, cookies, fruits, or other sweet treats. Look for small portions with a variety of different textures and tastes. Strawberries dipped in chocolate, cinnamon candies, cherries, caramel corn, or any other dessert or candy is perfect. Make sure not to show your partner your selection of sweets before the game begins, but tell him or her that you have a surprise treat for dessert.

To start the game, tell your partner to shut his or her eyes or better yet use a scarf or handkerchief to prevent peeking. Now, hand-feed your sweetest small tastes of each food. Let him or her try to guess what it is, and make sure to mix up the different flavors and textures. You'll probably both end up laughing and feeding each other the sweets. Now, that's the way to enjoy a picnic, and you may even want to wash it all down with a glass of champagne.

Picnics are definitely for lovers, old and young alike. With a minimum of planning and a little creativity, you, too, can have a special day with your sweetest!

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