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A Couple of Simple Picnic Ham Recipes


1 Frozen Picnic Ham
2 Cups Of Apple Juice

This probably the simplest picnic ham recipe anywhere. Place the picnic ham in a crock pot. Then, simply pour the two cups of apple juice over it. For the best results, cook the picnic ham for about an hour on high then turn the temperature down to low and cook the picnic ham for 5-8 hours depending on the size of the ham. The is a picnic ham recipe that is very child friendly and will help the little ones gets more excited about the upcoming picnic.

1 Picnic Ham (with a thick rind)

If you have an outdoor grill, preferably a charcoal grill, then perhaps this easy grilled picnic ham recipe is for you. First, you will need to wrap the picnic ham in several layers of aluminum foil. 3-4 layers should be enough if you are using heavy duty aluminum foil to wrap the picnic ham. Cook the picnic ham on medium-low heat. Be sure to turn the ham over once an hour for 4-5 hours. There aren't too many picnic ham recipes that are this simple or delicious.

1 Picnic Ham (5-8 lbs.)
Brown Sugar
Whole Cloves
Dijon Mustard

This picnic ham recipe is a little more complicated than the others. First, pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees. Cut thin slices across the fatty part of the picnic ham. Make the slices about an inch a part and about 1/8 inch deep. Now, repeat the last step but this time make the cuts into the picnic ham in the other direction, forming squares. Place a whole clove in each square. You can now rub the dijon mustard into the surface of the picnic ham. Finish things off by sprinkling the picnic ham with brown sugar. Bake the picnic ham until your thermometer reads 170 degrees. It takes about 4 hours to cook a 6 lbs. picnic ham. This picnic ham recipe is well worth the extra effort. It is simply mouth-watering.

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