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Picnic Ideas - 30+ People

Picnics can be lots of fun regardless of how many guests are invited. However, when there is a large number in attendance, the picnic games and activities need to be well thought out so that everyone is included in on the fun and festivities.

Some of the most traditional picnic games are those that work best for large groups. Sack races, tug-o-war, and the three-legged race are classic picnic games that are wonderful for adult and child participants.

For a sack race, you will need to have burlap bags for the participants. You don't necessarily need enough bags for everyone, as you can have multiple races with a showdown final for the winners of the preliminary races. Mark a starting line and a finish line with traffic cones, flags, or any other type of marker. For children racing, you may want the distance between start to finish to be about 20 feet. For adults, you can lengthen the distance. Line the players at the starting line, and have each one step inside the bag and hold onto the top of it. Remind the players that they are to hop to the finish line with their legs in the bag. They will be disqualified if they step out of the bag before the finish line. Announce, "Ready, set, go!" Inevitably, some players will trip and fall, and the winner is the first person to cross the finish line.

Tug -o-war is a great game for a large group of rowdy, physical picnic guests. The only item needed for the game is a long, thick rope, a piece of brightly colored cloth tied around the middle of the rope, and two markers placed about twenty feet apart. Remember to always use a natural fiber rope for this game. Synthetic ropes can break and cause injuries. To begin the game, divide players into two teams that are approximately equal in weight and strength. The teammates will then position themselves along the rope on each side. The colored cloth should be equidistant between the two markers. A referee will hold onto the rope until it is pulled taught. At that point, the referee will announce, "Go" and will release the rope. Each team will begin tugging on the rope with the intention of pulling the colored cloth past their marker. The team that does this first wins the game.

Another fun game for adults and children is the three-legged race. To play, you will need to mark a start and finish line. As well, you will need a scarf or bandana for each team of two participants. Ask participants to pair off, and have a volunteer tie the scarf around one participant's right ankle and the other participant's left ankle. Make sure that the scarf is not dragging on the ground or tied too tightly. Remind the teams that they are to race to the finish line while tied together, and that they will be disqualified if they become untied. Announce, "Ready, set, go!" And, the winning team is the first to cross the finish line.

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