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Romantic Picnic In Bed

This is probably the best romantic picnic idea ever! First, spread out a nice blanket on the bed then light a few scented candles. Next, put on some nice soft music. You will probably want a bottle of wine and, perhaps, some strawberries and whipped cream. Many other foods make for great for romantic picnic ideas but crackers in bed is not one of them! The idea is to spend the time talking and enjoying each other's company. This, like many romantic picnic ideas, can really bring you and your loved one much closer to each other, whether you have just started dating or have been married for years.

Romantic Picnic Horseback Ride

Horseback rides are some of the best romantic picnic ideas. You don't have to own a horse, you can rent them in many places. Take your loved one on a horseback ride to a lake, pond or even a stream. Any time is fine but why not plan it in the late afternoon so you can share your picnic on the edge of the water as the sun sets. As it starts to get to dark and chilly, you can snuggle up beneath a warm blanket stare at the stars and share your thoughts with each other under the moonlight.

Romantic Picnic On The Water

Many great romantic picnic ideas start with a small row boat. You can rent them if you don't know anyone who has one. Wait for a clear summer night, make sure it's not too chilly, pack a picnic and buy some flowers. Then simply, take your loved one for a romantic picnic on the water. Make sure the location you choose doesn't see much, if any, boat traffic at night. You can float around under the stars just taking and enjoying each other company.

The romantic picnic ideas listed here are sure to be a hit but only you know what you loved one likes best so take these ideas let your imagination run wild and will be able to come up with countless variations of the romantic picnic ideas listed here.

Romantic Picnic Ideas Submitted by Users

Sandra R. writes, "My husband came up with the most romantic picnic idea ever! One afternoon, I got a call from him. He had taken off early from work and wanted to take me on a picnic. He's always been a romantic and had even called a babysitter to watch the kids. So, I figured that he had an extra special romantic picnic idea planned. I packed up a big picnic basket full of food and he picked me up in his truck. He had something covered up in the back but I had just assumed that it was some of his equipment from work.

We drove out to a secluded picnic spot and got out. That's when he showed me what it was he had covered up in the back of the truck. It was a tree! What a great romantic picnic idea! We planted it on the top of a hill overlooking our picnic spot. After we were done, he told me that this tree symbolized how our love for each other would grow and mature as we grew old together. It was a really special moment.

For five years now, we have continued to go back to that spot whenever we want to have a romantic picnic. We have watched that tree grow, year after year, just like the love for each other has. It really is a symbol of our love and the most romantic picnic idea I have ever known."

Mona Johnson writes, "This might not be the best best romantic picnic idea for everyone but it was the perfect romantic picnic idea for me. I was just about to get off from work when my husband called and told me to meet him in the park for a romantic picnic. He told me not to worry about anything because he already had a picnic basket packed and ready to go.

When I got the to park he was there waiting for me with a big picnic basket in his hand. As I got closer, I saw the picnic basket move a little bit and I knew instantly what it was. Inside the picnic basket was the most beautiful Labrador puppy I had ever seen.

It was the most perfect romantic picnic idea ever! I had been wanting to get a dog for a long time but he had always been reluctant. Obviously, he had changed his mind and I was just about the happiest woman in the whole world because of it. Anything that your loved one really wants is the perfect romantic picnic idea."

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