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Spring Picnic Ideas

Spring is the time of the year that we shake off winter's cold and return to doing our favorite outdoors activities, even if only to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. Spring is also the perfect time of year to enjoy a picnic and we're here to help. In this article, we have put together some great spring picnic ideas for you consider.

Ideas for a Child's Spring Picnic

Children love playing outdoors and spring picnics can be a great way to spend time together as a family. As long as the children have something to do, they will likely enjoy the picnic as much as you do, if not more! Here are a few spring picnic ideas for smaller children.

  • Plant a tree. Go to your favorite picnic spot and plant a tree. This is a great picnic idea because they can water the tree whenever you come back for your next picnic.
  • Catching Butterflies. This one is more for late spring but catching butterflies can be a great spring picnic activity for both boys and girls. Don't forget the butterfly nets!
  • Bird Watching. Spring may well be the best time for bird watching. Birds always seem busiest in the spring time. It shouldn't be hard to find a bird making a nest or tending to baby birds.
For older children and teens, games like "King of the Mountain", "Tug of War" and Frisbee are usually a big success. Check out our Picnic Games section for more ideas.

Romantic Spring Picnic Ideas

Maybe it's the flowers blooming or the bird's singing. No matter the reason, spring time air just seems to be filled with romance. And it doesn't matter if you want to rekindle your marriage or you're just going on a date, romantic spring picnics are the perfect way to fill your need for romance. Here are few great romantic spring picnic ideas.

  • Nature Walk. A scroll through the forest can give you some nice alone time. Find a good spot to have a romantic picnic along the way and just enjoy the tranquility of the forest.
  • Rowboat ride on a pond. This is one of the most time-tested romantic spring picnic ideas.
  • Horseback Riding. A casual horseback ride out on the countryside is another classic romantic picnic idea. This is an especially good romantic idea for a spring picnic because you don't have to contend with the hot summer sun.
Check out our Romantic Picnic Ideas page for some more great picnic ideas.

Healthy Spring Picnics

For those of you who are health conscious, spring picnics offer a great opportunity to enjoy life and get some exercise at the same time. Here are a few activities you can do on a spring picnic which are both fun and healthy.

  • Badminton. This is a fun game to bring along to a picnic because the equipment is so light and easy to carry. It's also a simple game that anyone can learn in just a few minutes.
  • Hiking. Take a hike to a scenic view or natural landmark.
  • Mountain Biking. For those of you who are a little more adventurous, try mountain biking. It's certainly great exercise and you can easily pack a light picnic to along with you. Picnic Backpacks are great for these.
Need some help with picnic recipes? We have pages with Healthy Picnic Recipes, Low Fat Picnic Recipes and Low Carb Picnic Food .

There are certainly a lot of different ways to have a spring picnic. While we can't list everything you can do on a picnic in the spring time, hopefully we have given you some ideas for planning a great spring picnic. You can also check out our Seasonal Picnics section.

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