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Teddy Bear Picnics

Plan A Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnics are a great way to spend some quality time with your children, as are most children's picnic games. Teddy bear picnics can be as simple as a mother and daughter picnic or, with a few adults, teddy bear picnics can be an event for several children.

Teddy Bears have been popular for almost 100 years! The history dates back to President Theodore Roosevelt, who was somewhat famous for having a stuffed toy bear. A Russian immigrant later manufactured a similar stuffed toy bear and called it "Teddy's Bear."

Another popular tradition is The Teddy Bear Picnic, which has been popularized by the song. There's even a special day in July; Teddy Bear Picnic Day! You don't need a special day Teddy Bear Picnic though!. Here are some simple teddy bear picnic ideas.

The first thing to keep in mind when planning a teddy bear picnic is the teddy bear! If your child has a favorite teddy bear then he should definitely be there. Another great idea is to go to a shop that makes teddy bears, most shopping malls have them, and make a special teddy bear for your special teddy bear picnic. You could also try to find an old teddy bear that's been stored away for a long time and take him out on your teddy bear picnic adventure. No matter which teddy bear you choose, it is very important that the teddy bear be part of the picnic. He should have his own plate, food and should be included in your conversations.

For larger groups, there are some great teddy bear picnic activities to do. You can buy some plain white T-shirts and some things for the kids to decorate their own shirts for their teddy bears. You can have a "Teddy Bear Hunt" where the adults hide the teddy bears and the kids have to find there own teddy bear. You can put all the teddy bear in a picnic blanket, everyone grabs a spot along the edge and bounce the teddy bears into the air to see whose teddy bear flies the highest.

Another good idea some a teddy bear picnic is to have a teddy bear shaped cake or to have teddy bear crafts and let the kids make teddy bear faces from colored cardboard and paste. Even some thing as simple letting the children draw teddy bears can be a great teddy bear picnic activity. There are dozens of teddy bear picnic activities to choose from but the often the best ones are just one of mom's simple craft ideas.

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