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What Do I Pack in a Picnic Basket?

Some of the best picnics are those that are spontaneous and quickly thrown together. While dining al fresco does require some packing, it doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. The key to quickly packing a picnic basket that will have everything that you need is to assemble a picnic kit ahead of time that you can grab at a moment's notice. Keep the following items in a basket or tote bag and place them in a closet or pantry. All you will need to do is grab it along with some food and drinks, the next time the urge to picnic strikes.

Picnic Kit
Basket, tote bag, ice chest, or other carrier
Cotton tablecloth
Paper or cloth napkins
A couple of dish towels or a roll of paper towels for cleanup
Plastic utensils
Plastic or paper plates, bowls, cups,
Wine glasses
Bottle opener
Can opener
Small cutting board
Sharp knife
Salt and pepper shakers
Sugar packets
Roll of aluminum foil or plastic wrap
Garbage bags for cleanup
Anti-bacterial wipes or gel (to clean hands when bathrooms are not available)
Liquid soap
Light jacket or sweater
Bug spray
Frisbee, board game, or other type of activity
Portable radio or CD player
If you like to grill, you'll also need a lighter or matches, charcoal, lighter fluid, and grilling utensils

Don't forget before you head out for your picnic to pack ice to keep food chilled and plenty of water for drinking.

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