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Winter Picnic Ideas

While picnics are undoubtedly a favorite summertime activity for people all over the world, there is no need to summer picnics or even Fall Picnics. Consider taking a picnic in the winter. Winter picnics can be a great winter activity for families and couples alike. If you need some help planning a winter picnic then here are a few winter picnic ideas.

Romantic Winter Picnic Ideas

Need some romantic winter picnic ideas? Well, a great romantic winter picnic starts with proper planning. Decide on where you are going to go and what you are going to do. A scenic view of a winter sunset is a great setting for a romantic winter picnic. You might also consider a location known for its wildlife. Few things can melt a woman's heart like cute forest creatures scurrying about. Be sure to check the weather reports though, a few snow flakes are ok but a blizzard during your romantic winter picnic at sunset isn't good.

If the weather permits and you are feeling a bit frisky, a playful snowball fight is a great way to get the blood flowing on a cold winter day and it's exactly the sort of thing that loving memories are made of.

Also, be sure to consider what to bring along with you on your romantic winter picnic. Warm clothing is a must and you can rarely go wrong with a nice bottle of wine but a thermos full of gourmet hot chocolate is a wonderful winter picnic idea.

When it comes to food, finger foods like chicken strips and fruit are great because they are easy but you might also consider a warm dish like baked beans or clam chowder. There are many different types of insulated picnic baskets and insulated picnic backpacks to choose from which are perfect for romantic winter picnics.

If you want to make your romantic winter picnic extra special then renting a snowmobile or a couple of horses are great winter picnic ideas. You could even take it a step further and rent a horse drawn sled.

For the ultimate romantic winter picnic, pack a warm meal, rent a horse drawn sled and take it out to a frozen pond to do some ice skating. Maybe enjoy a playful snowball fight and stay out long enough to watch a breath taking winter sunset. And, don't forget to bring along some gourmet coffee. What could be a better romantic winter picnic idea?

Family Winter Picnic Ideas

Winter picnics with the family are a great way to get out and enjoy winter but proper planning and a few great family winter picnic ideas are the keys to success.

Of course, the age of your children will have a large impact on what you decide to do. One of the simplest and best winter picnic ideas for young kids is to bring along a sled and find a big hill. If you plan on walking, sledding is an especially good winter picnic idea for young children because they get tired easily. You can just put them in the sled and pull them along behind you as you go to and from the picnic site. Some other fun winter picnic activities for small children are making snow angels, building a snowman and playing "king of the hill".

Another great winter picnic idea for families is a snowball fight. These are great for young kids and older kids alike. If your kids are old enough, you can spend a few minutes building "snow forts" and have a long snowball fight. Be sure to pack something warm to eat though. A long snowball fight will really work up a good appetite and something like a hearty soup or chili will really hit the spot.

When it comes to teenagers, snowball fights or sledding aren't the type of winter picnic ideas that are likely to get them too excited. You should to consider more "grown up" winter activities like snowboarding or skiing. Pack a nice big picnic lunch and have a family winter picnic on a ski slope. You could also find a pond that freezes over during winter and have a family picnic by the pond while enjoying some ice skating.

Winter picnics are great but they do tend to require more planning than summer picnics when it's easy to just pack up a few things and head out to the nearest lake or pond. But, with just a little bit of planning and a few great winter picnic ideas, winter picnics are often more fun than summer picnics.

We recommend picnic backpacks for winter picnics because they are very often insulated and are easier to carry through snow.

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